As a manufacturer and distributor of pointers to 10ct polished diamonds globally, quality is everything. Our craftsmen combine both traditional and modern methods and techniques to produce the finest polished diamonds. Our experience combined with innovative R&D puts us in the vanguard of bespoke manufacturing with an extensive portfolio of special and proprietary cuts.

Symbiosis between craftsmanship and technology

We endeavor to deliver the finest diamonds. To make this possible, we have setup a world-class factory in Surat, India. Here, we make use of the latest, modern, and advanced technologies (e.g. Galaxy, Helium, Sarin) at each stage – from cutting to polishing – in order to maximize the yield, the proportions, and the symmetry.

Superior technology only assists the strong workforce of skilled and experienced artisans producing the finest round and fancy shaped diamonds in all categories. Our artisans provide the technical acumen along with the professional expertise to ensure traditional shapes and bespoke creations become reality. By adopting a subtle combination of scientific optimization and human craftsmanship, we are able to create the unique diamonds that consumers in today’s digital ecosystem demand.

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Manufacturing oriented towards customer needs

Our proprietary, fully integrated advanced-ERP system enables us to be fully responsive and manage the needs of every one of our customers. This permits manufacturing both round and fancy shapes according to the timing, quantities, qualities and parameters that suit the customers’ specific requirements.

The R&D facilities encourage constant improvement in products in order to meet the specific parameters and requirements needed to fulfil downstream programs. Additionally we guarantee an unrivalled consistency of triple excellent and exact parameter manufacturing.

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Blue Star Diamonds is committed to diamond education. We welcome educational societies, current customer or anyone who wishes to visit our factory in Surat, India.

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