Blue Star Diamonds combines cutting edge technology, skilled artisans and passion for quality to make each diamond special. Ensuring unmatched quality and quantity of polish diamonds closely oriented towards customer needs, we constantly strive to achieve the best balance between value, yield and make through its manufacturing units in Surat and Botswana.

Rough Sourcing

Blue Star Diamonds has been a DTC Sightholder since 1994, a consistent buyer from Alrosa since 2009 and a BHP term customer since 2007 ensuring a steady rough supply on an unrivalled scale. Being part of a very elite group and have the scale of sourcing translates into very large, consistent and secure supplies towards clients by offering them a full range of rough product categories in terms of origin and quality.

Specialist Assortments

The flexible assortment creation systems, whereby goods from different sources & categories are precisely mixed, combined with a market-responsive and clear ‘price to book’ system, enables us to offer exactly tailored products to the diverse client base.

The precise tailoring of goods enhances our ability to manufacture and distribute polish efficiently to give direct insight into the price trends and demands along the pipeline. By creating these specialist assortments and placing goods to niche players, it generates significant added value for the rough goods down the supply chain..

Rough Distribution

The success of Blue Star Diamonds’ rough distribution is based on the trading that takes place in three diamond markets, in combination with a unique distribution system that places emphasis on lasting relationships and sustainable profitability.

Blue Star Diamonds is able to supply to the largest possible range of clients via the three predominant rough diamond markets; Antwerp (Belgium), Surat (India) and Mumbai (India). Antwerp is a window into rough prices since goods from the majority of miners and producers are traded in there, Surat supplies valuable information on manufacturing outcomes and costs and Mumbai provides essential insight into global polish prices.