Blue Star Diamonds combines cutting edge technology, skilled artisans and passion for quality to make each diamond special. Ensuring unmatched quality and quantity of polish diamonds closely oriented towards customer needs, we constantly strive to achieve the best balance between value, yield and make through its manufacturing units in Surat and Botswana.

Technology and Workforce

Blue Star Diamonds is at the forefront of the manufacturing industry by equipping the latest technology to extract the maximum value from each stone. The manufacturing units in Surat and Botswana cutting edge diamonds man tools such as Galaxy, Helium, Sarin and R & D in new machinery and techniques.

Superior technology only assists the strong workforce of skilled and experienced artisans producing the finest round and fancy shaped diamonds in all categories. The craftsmen are able to be flexible and gear production towards market demands coming from current clients through in-house systems. Each factory worker receives refined training and by identifying the right skill, the right person is put in the right position to ensure optimum growth for both the company and the individual.

Our manufacturing is very much oriented towards customer needs. The R&D facilities encourage constant improvement in products in order to meet the specific parameters and requirements needed by the clients to fulfil their downstream programs. Additionally we guarantee an unrivalled consistency of triple excellent and exact parameter manufacturing.

Customised Manufacturing

The fully integrated (both backward and forward) advanced-ERP system enables us to be fully responsive and manage the needs of every one of our customers. This permits manufacturing both round and fancy shapes according to the timing, quantities, qualities and parameters that suit the customers’ specific requirements.

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Visit the Factory

Blue Star Diamonds prides itself on educating others on the understanding and knowledge of diamonds. We urge all interested in the diamond manufacturing process to visit our factory in Surat, India. We welcome educational societies, current customer or anyone who wishing to visit the heart of the diamond manufacturing city of the world.

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