Blue Star Diamonds was established in Mumbai by Vasantlal Mehta in 1966. Over the next fifteen years, he led his three sons Akshay, Anuj and Ashit into the industry. While Ashit established the rough division in Antwerp from 1981, his older brothers Akshay and Anuj focused on the manufacturing and polish operations to cater both national and international clients. In less than 50 years it has become one of the world’s leading diamond manufacturers and traders with headquarters in Mumbai and subsidiaries in Surat, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Gaborone, and Dubai with 2000 employees globally.

Blue Star Diamonds’ position today is the result of a strong family commitment to the diamond industry spanning three generations. Our experience with all types of polish has given a unique knowledge of the products, offering an edge with regards to both polish distribution and manufacturing in all markets around the globe.

Currently, Blue Star Diamonds is integrating the third generation of the family into its activities, securing the continuation of Blue Star Diamonds in the future. That is why the Mehta family is united in its dedication to the excellence of their products, the provision of superior service and the creation of profitable and lasting relationships with all its business partners.