Blue Star Diamonds is committed to doing business that benefits the customer, employee and has a positive impact on the communities where the company operates around the world. We firmly support giving back to the community and helping those in need within the diamond industry and our beliefs.

We ensure that our business continues to represent the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. We are committed to the ideals, structure and beliefs of these programs and have set aside resources and manpower towards their fulfilment. We adhere to the DTC’s Best Practice Principles, the Kimberly Process and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Some of the Social and Environmental societies we have helped are:

  • Development of alternative renewable energy (Puducherry, India)
  • Yearly visits at the factory from B.D. Somani Economics; students to learn about the diamond world (Surat, India)
  • Development of an experiment for the future of human civilisation and community living (Auroville, India)
  • Medical and surgical disciplines at Shree Mahavir Health and Medical Society, Surat
  • Improvement of poverty through KP Sanghvi Charitable Trust, Mumbai
  • Educational activities through Aditi Grossis in Orissa
  • Palanpur Female Handicraft (through Bhansali trust) Palanpur Female Hospital
  • Navsari Cancer Research Centre.